Our packaging: Have a (delightfully!) boring un-boxing!

Moving towards sustainability...

Sustainability is not straight-forward for an e-commerce brand... let alone a skincare company! From ingredient choice to packaging options, every little detail must be considered, and often the "greenest" choice isn't the most obvious one. "Green" is not a heavy card-stock box filled with plant materials, heavy walled glass and exotically-sourced ingredients. Sustainable is often far more humble.

You'll notice that a Stark unboxing is very, very minimal. Boring, maybe, but we're proud of it! Ecommerce marketing materials can quickly become excessive, so we opt for plain cardboard boxes meant to be reused, a little kraft paper, no product boxes, inserts, stickers, shredded things, samples or excess material.  In fact, you're meant to visit our site to reference the ingredients in your new Stark product, how to use, and for tricks and tips. (The internet can hold so much more information than some product brochure you'll throw out in 5 seconds!)

Our small glass bottles use "orifice reducers" instead of pipette droppers. This drastically cuts down on materials used (a small bit of PET plastic as opposed to plastic, glass and rubber), keeps excess oxygen from entering the bottles and prevents spills. Also, many people tend to overuse oils, especially on their face, and this method easily allows the dispensing of just 2-3 drops, which is enough for most people. (Midnight now has a pump, for practical reasons.)

Our jars (for Aurora) are also amber glass, with an aluminum lid. Both are easy to recycle. In fact, amber glass is one of the most common types of glass, and therefore the most likely to be reused and recycled. We also don't use those unnecessary, heavy-walled glass containers, popular in cosmetics to give products that appealing "heft".

Our larger bottles are in PET plastic. Although not the "perfect material", these bottles are easy to reuse or recycle (the mist bottles are really great to reuse in particular!), are lighter and easier to ship, and will not break on your tile floor or in the bathtub! They are convenient for travel, too. Oftentimes, PET plastic is in fact a more sustainable options than glass packaging, (although the perception is the opposite), as plastic uses less virgin materials than glass, and has a smaller carbon footprint. Recycling, of course, is the issue, as there is simple waaaay too much plastic on this earth. However, this is a consumption problem, as well as a singles-use problem. Our plastic packaging is recycled, recyclable, reusable, and likely to be with your for several months.

We wrap our products in plain kraft paper (recycled and recyclable) . This reduces cost of our products significantly (ever price out custom made packing material like cosmetic boxes? It's... exorbitant to say the least.). It also reduces waste, as printing errors, change in ingredients or suddenly discontinued products are a reality of the business, leading to warehouses, basements and sheds of many founders being packed with materials no longer needed. (Trust me on this one!)

Flashy first impression? Not really. But you're too clever to be fooled by that stuff anyhow. It's what's on the inside that counts.