Summer kit

Summer kit

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Petrichor, Eclipse and City at a special price!    

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We've combined the 3 best Stark products for dewy-soft, clear summer skin in one kit so you can save a few $ (and splurge on a gelato, perhaps?)

  •  Eclipse is a refreshing black gel cleanser than can also be used as a mask. It gently exfoliates using sugar enzymes, but it also plumping and soothing with ingredients like allantoin and panthenol. Store it in your shower for a flash mask/cleanse session.
    Ideal for skin that tends to get oily, combination skin, skin that's got both fine lies and some acne and for tropical climates. 
    Scent is citrus, cardamom and cedarwood and it's 120 mL (about 4 fl oz)
  • A refreshing skin tonic that helps protect skin from the environment with super-antioxidant ferulic acid, rhodiola and green tea extract, while soothing skin with grape seed, shitake and effective NMF (natural moisture factor) humectants like sodium PCA and glycerin, purifying with white willow bark and helping undo environmental stress with olive leaf extract. Hydrating; does not make skin feel tight or parched. A serum in mist form!

  • The star of this group, IMO is probably City Light Daytime Oil. City contains sustainably-sourced oils that have *some* sun-protective qualities (such as rice bran and raspberry seed oil) and THA vitamin C, a very stable and non-irritating (and crazy expensive, I might add) form of vitamin C, which help your skin's natural defense against the sin's rays (WEAR SPF ANYHOW... City enhances SPF, it does not replace it!). Also contains ultra-lightweight hemisqualane (which is half molecular-weight squalane, derived from very sustainable sugarcane, making it very light but JUICY and substantive). City works amazingly well as a primer, prepping skin without greasing it up, or even as a night time oil on very hot and humid nights. 

the art and science of supporting skin.

Effective. Sensorial. Resilient.

Stark intersects true eco/ "green" beauty with scientific efficacy, adds a dash of sensory play, and delivers un-pretentious luxury with paired-down routines. Our formulas are concentrated and multi-functional!

Protect your skin from a changing climate, one antioxidant-rich drop at a time. Stark products not only help skin look and feel better, but help skin become more resilient and adaptive to change over time. ❤