Summer essentials

 Dearest you,

Ahh summer! We look forward to it all year, but somehow seem to forget that it also means sweat, bugs, sunscreen, sunburns (horror!!!), smog and the smell of garbage (which likely doesn't do anything to skin, but sometimes I imagine it gets in my skin and ugh *shudders*) and a multitude of other grossness and that feeling that your skin is chokin' in the humidity. Bleh! And yet, I SWEAR I love this season!

Here my favourite summertime routine using Stark (because you know, I make these products.)


Quick mask and cleanse using Eclipse. I smooth it on, walk around blindly looking for coffee, get the water boiling and the beans ground, then rinse my face with cool water. I then go straight for Everlasting, and if it's a very muggy day, will wear just that under my sunscreen.

On other days, I mix a drop or two of City with Everlasting, no sunscreen, and work in front of my computer all day. :(

I chill Petrichor in the fridge and mist mid-day or after being outside to combat the greasies, revive and refresh! Plus, the scent it everything. Grounding, fresh, earthy, lively! Try it during a good summer thunderstorm... so sensual and unexpected.


I take off makeup (if any) and sunscreen (if any) with a good chickpea sized dollop of Aurora. Massage it in well for a minute or two, then take it all off with a soft, warm washcloth and immediately admire my bombass skin. A little more Everlasting and a drop of Midnight smoothed over, then I enjoy my evening. Right before bed, I will apply a little more oil or balm to anywhere I like.


Well, that sums it up! Enjoy your summer skincare routine!

Jess xo


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