Evolving with Purpose at Stark Skincare

In a world where change is constant, Stark isn't here to merely keep up. We aren't interested in changing our products just to increase profits. Our commitment? Aligning our evolution with your needs and staying true to our brand promise.

2023 marks our stand as a champion for Anti-Pollution skincare. In response, three of our fan-favorites have been revamped to not only meet, but exceed the demands of our times.

Introducing the Upgraded Trio:

1. Equinox (previously Everlasting): Our beloved blue serum returns! Presented in sleek black glass with a pump, this renewed version not only has a fresh look and name, but also boasts an improved formula. With a denser gel consistency, it offers better application control. We've enriched it with higher humectant levels and added both B5 and allantoin for superior hydration, comfort, and skin barrier fortification.

2. Petrichor: This year, as the undeniable effects of climate change surround us, we doubled down on Petrichor's anti-pollution and antioxidant capabilities. With a complete revamp in ingredients and design, this spray serum is now packed with antioxidant powerhouses like vitamins E, C, Ferulic acid, and resveratrol. Olive leaf and green tea extracts shield your skin from pollutants, while Zinc PCA hydrates and combats the bacteria responsible for breakouts.

3. City: From our cherished daytime oil comes a revitalized (and emulsified!) serum. It still holds the essence of every ingredient you loved before, but now enhanced with licorice for a radiant glow, niacinamide for an even-toned complexion, and the powerful antioxidants of green tea and edelweiss to guard your skin. Embrace City, your shield against the elements and a beacon of brighter, balanced skin.