Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. — Rachel Carson Newton

Stark's muse is the strength, resilience and tenacity of Nature, when we choose to work in harmony.

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Since 2011, each product has been handmade by Stark's founder Jess, in small batches in the studio. No bulk-made formulas are used for Stark... each product is made from scratch by formulas created in-house.


Our carefully chosen adaptogenic & antioxidant-rich plant-based ingredients work alongside bio-engineered ingredients to fortify our formulas.


Sustainability is complicated in business... but we believe that the smaller the business, the smaller the carbon footprint. Stark prioritizes waste elimination and freshness-maintenance!


The Holy Grail of Skincare!!! My most favourite product ever! Please never stop making [Aurora] 😭It is my holy grail of skin care,. It is the only thing that has worked for my acne prone skin. Ever. It has been a life saver. It is something I will always order.

Hannah B.

Deliciousness! I’m a DIY kind of person, and make a lot of my own whipped up concoctions which I am perfectly pleased with. That said, this balm [Aurora]…. from the moment I opened the jar I was in love. The scent is deliciously decadent and the texture otherworldly. I know that’s not a fair scientific or practical description but this balm is worth it. I will both treasure it and use it up because it’s wonderful and makes me happy. I will order this again and gift these to my family and friends.

Tracy P.