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Stark Skincare

Effective. Sensorial. Resilient.

• expertly hand-crafted skincare.
• antioxidant-rich formulas.
• plant-based (vegan) ingredients.
• produced in micro-batches.
• independently owned, female-led business.
• striving for true sustainability.

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love notes

Worth it
I’ve been using the Aurora cleansing balm since it was called the grapefruit cleansing balm (since like 2013). I don’t think my skin could survive without it at this point. Don’t just buy it, stock up. As someone with dry , extremely sensitive skin, using this product changed the game for me. Fully the best!

Alyson P. 1/19/'22

The hardest part about this brand is choosing what to get if you’re not just going to get it all! I’ve loved all of the products I’ve used so far, and will continue to repurchase those invaluable to my skin. Jess is pretty amazing with communication, her transparency about changes and such is outstanding, and her passion for her impeccable products is just so reassuring. This brand is always striving for conscious improvement and it is SO GOOD!

Courtney L. 01/17/'22

Will not be without!
This was a #lizalaskamqdemedoit purchase, and she did not steer me wrong! The Moondance mask not only feels lovely, it helped protect my lips during our recent cold-weather fishing trip. Wind, sun and cold did not dry my lips. It feels light and soothing - not at all goopy. Definitely recommend!


I don’t think I’ll ever be without this, especially in the drier months! It noticeably helps to keep my skin so hydrated and supple, and it is such an enjoyable step in my skincare routine. You won’t regret getting this for your skin, even if your skin is oily (like mine)!

Courtney 1/17/'22

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