Stark helps skin be better.

Stark's philosophy...

Skin is smart and can take care of itself (for the most part). But with funky climates, indoor & outdoor pollutants, and bad habits, it needs a little help adapting to stay strong (ie. looking it's best!)

That's where Stark comes in - our mission is to support your skin to become more resilient over time.

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The products our customers come back for time and again. (And again!)
the art & science of
crafting our formulas.

At Stark, we combine ancient plant wisdom with modern cosmetic science to create effective skincare.

Our carefully chosen adaptogenic & antioxidant-rich plant-based ingredients work alongside bio-engineered ingredients to fortify our formulas.

We prioritize waste elimination and freshness maintenance, perfected over a decade. Each product is handmade by our founder in small batches in our studio.

Ava Isa Sun-è-Serum Drops SPF 35 Sunscreen


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