How it Began

"Stark started back in 2011, when Adri [then boyfriend and now husband] and I would take long-walks by the canal in Montreal.

While discussing my top-secret ambition of having my own skincare line, we observed how the  native plants and animals thrived in the city despite the “un-natural” environment and sometimes extremely harsh weather.

The resiliency was the muse to create a skincare line that specifically helps support skin to adapt to the environment."

- Jess

How it's Made

Stark products are both simple and sophisticated, by combining old-world plant wisdom with modern cosmetic science. We love our craft and are constantly refining our skills...since 2011!

Every product is created by hand in small batches by Jess, herself (Jess is the "we"!). 

We've kept our brand small, and thus, nimble. We have been able to adapt and change with the evolving beauty industry.


Skin is smart... but it needs help. Stark fortifies skin against external aggressors such as airborne VOCs, smoke, UV damage, temperature fluctuations and pollution. Creating more resilient skin is kinda our thing! Stark uses hardy, resilient plants such as adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, antioxidant-rich oils, ingredients that soothe inflammation and carefully selected ingredients to help skin function it’s best. Soothing, repairing and nourishing skin is what Stark does best!


Choosing natural and plant-based is not enough. Since our products focus so much on the environment, we’re concerned about our own impact has a business. We modify our ingredients every few years to reflect the pressures the beauty industry imposes on the environment... making increasingly sustainable choices, instead of following trends. One way is by increasing the amount of "bi-product" ingredients we use, usually up-cycled from the food or forestry industries.


What product is right for me?

Our products are made for all skin types, but every skin is so unique! We suggest trying our Skin Quiz, reading the product descriptions/ videos (when available) and checking out the customer reviews for a deep dive into each product. You can also email our founder Jess anytime at for her specific recommendations for you.

To us, sustainability and product performance are our top concerns.

But to answer the question, yes, and technically yes and mostly! We're not huge fans of those terms/labels/marketing tactics, but we don't use any animal-derived ingredients (except in Moondance), our products are cruelty-free, and we use plant-based, fair-trade, and organic ingredients that are considered sustainable and/or EcoCert approved. We have chosen not to apply and (pay for) certifications at this time.

Being a tiny company, we cannot offer free samples. For sustainability reasons, we are also not offering small sizes of our products at this time. However, we do take your satisfaction seriously so any concerns before or after purchasing, should be directed to

What Ingredients does Stark use?

Stark intersects traditional herbalism, modern plant-based "green beauty" formulation and solid, scientifically-backed cosmetic chemistry plus a tiny pinch of aromatherapy!

We are very concerned about the impact the beauty industry has on the environment, and continually improve on our sourcing and ingredient selection, to maintain high-quality products with the smallest footprint we can. Which means not choosing rare/exotic/precious plant materials, rather opting for efficacious materials used in other industries that would otherwise become waste (lumber industry, sugarcane, organic soy, "lab-made" materials, etc.) We haven't quite perfected this yet, but are always doing our best! :)

The "bulk" of any Stark product is always a natural, high-quality ingredient (be it organic aloe, organic meadowfoam seed oil, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, etc.)

Stark's founder Jess studied traditional French herbalism in her 20s, in Vancouver, BC. She went on to study other topics at UBC, but always maintained a love of herbalism. She was eventually able to explore using herbs thoroughly when starting Stark at the age of 28.

Most of our products contain herbal preparations (extracts, decoctions, infusions, macerations), for example, using horsetail and nettle in City, calendula and yarrow in Midnight, etc.

The herbs are chosen for their supportive role in the product, used to "buttress" the effects, but not relying solely on them. We feel this creates a well-balanced, efficacious yet gentle product.

Some of our carefully selected ingredients aren't directly sourced from a plant, but rather are naturally derived ingredients modified in a lab. Such as antioxidant superstar Ferulic Acid, which comes from plant material such as rice bran, but has been isolated, extracted and made into a stable cosmetic ingredient. Other examples are sugarcane derived squalane, our ceramide complex, the vitamin C we use (tetrahexadecyl ascorbate), our vitamin E, the gentle surfactants and solubilizers, modifiers and thickeners we use. However, we still use "all-natural"/ Eco-Cert approved preservative systems.

These are important ingredients in our formulas as they make gentler, more efficacious and ultimately, more environmentally sustainable, products.

Stark's founder, Jess, is a certified aromatherapist. We use a very small amount of essential oils, expertly blended for maximum effect, with the smallest amount possible used.

The essential oil blends are chosen for how they make us feel, for the specific properties the oils impart both physiologically and psychologically.

Our %s are listed in product descriptions, but range from no essential oils (Everlasting) to 0.03% in Petrichor, to around 1% in Aurora.

Our products each have a distinct, beautiful aroma that matches the "personality" and function of the product. We believe scent is important to develop a relationship, and therefore a ritual, with your skincare which over time leads to more consistent use and better results.

Shipping & Returns

Even though we are tiny, we ship daily, and we ship quickly! Shipping is free on orders over $125 in USA and Canada, flat rates are also available, as well as options to upgrade. Tracking numbers (when available) are sent to you as soon as they are available.

Please choose a shipping option with tracking for security, and note that once the order leaves our warehouse, the package becomes Canada Post's liability.

International shipping is also available and please note that you may be liable for customs and duty charges. Shipping rates are calculated automatically.

Because we are a tiny, indie business, and for health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns. Should you have any questions or concerns before or after a purchase, do not hesitate to contact and we're always happy to work something out.