oily/acne prone

Oily skin is a good thing... it has a natural glow and an abundance of protective sebum which means fine lines are delayed! But there's a lot of myths on how to take care of oily skin... notably, oily and acne-prone skin does NOT need harsh products to "dry it out"!

Fun fact... Stark is ideal for oily skin, since that's Stark's founder's skin type. :)

Acne is a little different... it is a condition that must be looked at holistically. Oily skin can create the occasional pimple or two on the regular, but chronic acne is a sign of inner inflammation and should be dealt with systematically with a multi-pronged approach, with everything from diet, evaluating hormones with a doctor, to over-hauling your hygiene protocol (eg. sheets & pillowcases washed regularly, disinfecting phone, regular hand-washing and no skin picking!) and finally, yes, your skincare routine must be appropriate for acne-prone skin. But that's doesn't mean "drying it out"!

Treat your skin gently yet appropriately with a routine like this:

Splash face with water OR cleanse with Eclipse Enzymatic Gel + Mask (or do a quick mask!)
A spritz or 2 of Petrichor (antioxidant booster!) if you are concerned about pollution levels in your city, or if you're more acne prone, or a squeeze of Everlasting if you're skin is irritated and thirsty (dehydration and irritation can cause breakouts)
2 drops of City while skin is still damp. (Light yet juicy oil appropriate for oily skin, with Vit. C)

Apply your sunscreen!

Double cleanse with Mudpuppy and Eclipse
Spritz of Petrichor (refresh!) or a pump of Everlasting