the temperate ritual

Skin types: Unproblematic, fairly balanced skin.

Climate: Near the equator, temps are never or rarely around freezing, nor are they suuuuper hot.

It may not always feel like it to you, but your skin is in that lovely Goldilocks state of balance. Just like the "perfect" climate: almost never too hot or too cold, too dry or too damp, your skin is pretty laid back and easy to care for! Ok, you might get an occasional pimple and whatnot, but hey... you're human!

The key to keeping your skin balanced is assessing its needs daily. Feeling a bit dry? Add more moisture to your routine! Feeling oily? Use less oils! Sounds simple, but don't neglect to reevaluate your skin seasonally, if not daily.

Keep up the glow, feed your skin good stuff and defend it against the environment with the following ritual.  

Cleanse with Eclipse in the shower, or with Aurora to remove makeup. Follow with Petrichor when you feel oilier, Everlasting when you want extra hydration.