About us

A true mom & pop shop!

Hello! I'm Jess, homeschooling mama to my son Z., 2 elder Siamese cats, a bearded dragon named Nora and a PomChi puppy, Loki. I have a background in herbalism, aromatherapy and in advanced organic skincare formulations (as well as Anthropology and Geography). The other half of the team is my husband Adri, a software developer and PhD in Physics.

From once basic kitchen-counter creations to playful-yet-sophisticated formulas made in micro-batches in our studio, Stark gets better with age (just like you!).
How it Began

"Stark started back in 2011, when Adri and I would take long-walks by the canal in Montreal.

While discussing my top-secret ambition of having my own skincare line, we observed how the  native plants and animals thrived in the city despite the “un-natural” environment and sometimes extremely harsh weather.

The resiliency was the muse to create a skincare line that specifically helps support skin to adapt to the environment."

- Jess

How it's Made

Stark is both simple and sophisticated by combining old-world plant wisdom with modern cosmetic science. 

Every product is created by hand in small batches in a meticulously kept tiny lab, or by Jess herself. 

We've kept our brand small, and thus, nimble. We have been able to adapt and change with the evolving beauty industry.


Fortifying against external aggressors such as airborne VOCs, smoke, and pollution is kinda our thing. Stark uses resilient plants such as adaptogens, antioxidants-rich oils and carefully selected ingredients to help skin function it’s best. Soothing, repairing and nourishing skin is what Stark does best!


Since our products focus so much on the environment, we’re concerned about our own impact has a business. We modify our ingredients every few years to reflect the pressures the beauty industry imposes on the environment... making increasingly sustainable choices, instead of following trends.


Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.