the tropical ritual

Congrats! You're as tropical as a toucan sitting on a banana tree! (Even if you identify more with the pigeon sitting on a pole outside your window... just trust me here.)

There are some big-time bonuses for having a tropical ritual/skin type, even though hot-n'-sweaty-little-greaseball could be your middle name some days (although I am guessing actually isn't... thanks, mom and dad!)

Your skin likely feels on the oilier side most of the time, and at the end of the day feels kind of grimy. This actually isn't a bad thing (when it isn't causing congestion or acne) because plenty of sebum (natural skin oil) is amazing for keeping your skin looking young for longer! You also don't have trouble achieving a healthy glow.

cleanse. refresh. light nourishment.

An important thing to keep in mind for your skin-type is gentle yet consistent cleansing and light, nourishing ingredients. Use our Eclipse Gel Cleanser with a soft cloth, follow with a spray of our Petrichor Tonic, layer on the ultra-light (but super nourishing) serum called Everlasting, and top it off with City et voila! 


Your Ritual is...