Mini satin collection
Mini satin collection
Mini satin collection
Mini satin collection

Mini satin collection

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Protect that hair at all costs!

Whoa there..... hold that pony! But do it with style AND safety with a satin scrunchie. Scrunchies are the best way to tie back hair because tension is dispersed over a greater area, lessening the possibility of hair breakage. Satin glides over hair, making snags and pulls almost impossible.

XXL's Mini is nearly the size of a regular scrunchie....ok it's 1.5x the size, but that's an XXL mini!

Made by hand in Ontario by Tina and her scrunchie-tists (that's a scrunchie scientist). 

Imogen - navy satin that matches any outfit
Ellen -  a rich forest green satin
Juliette - a neutral nude beige, and one of XXL's best sellers.
Leyah - Champagne pink, one of XXL's best sellers. 

•  Approximately 4” in diameter
•  Wraps approximately 2x around hair
•  Elastic approximately 6-8”

From XXL's site:

Katelyn F.
"The best scrunchies I've tried to date! I've been wearing them for a few months now and love how lux they feel. They hold my hair together without any damage and look so cute!"