The new Midnight contains ceramides! Combined with fatty acids and cholesterol (plant sterols for Midnight, duh), Midnight is the barrier ole-gel serum your skin has been begging me for (it wrote me an email, unbeknownst to you.)⁠

Ok, now to the preamble nobody asked for. Like all the good stuff your skin naturally produces, ceramides deplete with age. "Cera" is latin for wax... which is a good way to think of it: a fatty, waxy substance that makes for a good skin barrier, able to repel all The Evils away (and to me, The Evils are environmental stressors and marketing that uses free-from claims, but I digress). ⁠ Years ago, when I started using the big blue-and-white tub of Gen Z fame (I mean the CeraVe cream in the tub, if that's not clear to non-skincare-superfans) I noticed something change with my skin.

For a long time, my skin was *mostly* fed different forms of hydration and oils, 2 great things, but ceramides are a key component for healthy skin. They are the mortar to the brick of skin cells. My skin looked... built up. In a great way.⁠ To say ceramides hold your face together is an overstatement, but makes for hilarious marketing, so let's say that, with an elbow nudge and an eyeroll, but also a knowing glance. ⁠

Anyhow, I noticed that incorporating ceramides seemed to make my other products work better. My skin felt more hydrated and moisturized, for longer. When I started bringing in the Big Boys into my routine (that's retinol), I noticed that on my off-nights ceramides soothed and really felt like my skin was being rebuilt in a protective cocoon, almost like my skin was in a program, and everything worked together seamlessly. ⁠

That of course, is anecdotal (which is all we're "allowed" to legally talk about in the skincare business). Also anecdotal is that it seems everyone has melted their face off with harsh skincare routines and even if you haven't, a good strong barrier is important if you do things like: 1. age and 2. go outside from time to time. ⁠ I can't wait for the new version of Midnight to make it's way into your life. She's a beauty of an orange Neroli bomb of joy just waiting to sit on your face.⁠ ;P