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Soins de la Peau Antioxydants : Une Bouffée d'Éclat Naturel
Découvrez les avantages des soins de la peau antioxydants pour une peau éclatante. Apprenez comment les antioxydants tels que la vitamine C, la vitamine E et les polyphénols du thé vert peuvent protéger votre peau des dommages et améliorer son apparence.
What pollution does to your skin
I'm sometimes asked why my products specifically target the effects of city-life. It's pretty straight-forward: skin has the simple (yet paramount) task of being your body's barrier from the outside elements. It's naturally doing a good job, for certain, but many of those elements that it's protecting you against?  Those aren't natural. Your skin's natural defenses can only take so much abuse. You are wearing a coat of armour for a whole other kind of battle.
The skincare your hair wants.
The line will consist of high-quality, low-waste SOLID cleansing and conditioning products with a focus on scalp health and with special considerations for hair that doesn't like to be neither stripped-down with harsh detergents nor weighed down with a ton of oils and butters.
Is green beauty closed-minded?
Because after all, to be truly green in beauty is more than a performance. It’s more than a photoshoot with fruits and flowers, packaging that looks eco-friendly and an ingredient list that reads like a fancy salad ba