Cranberry Seed Oil

Despite cranberry being a (very) local product for me, it’s not an oil that one comes across very often and wasn’t even on my radar until just a couple of years ago. I fell in love the moment I tried it both on my skin and as a salad vinaigrette; It’s delicious both ways.

CSO is in both City and Midnight, but wanted to introduce you to this amazing oil daddy in advance. Prepare yourself... it’s good. Quebec grown, cold-pressed cranberry seed oil has a beautiful golden hue and a very pleasant scent, and goes on feeling oily at first, but sinks in quickly (kind of a medium-speed absorption, I would say… faster than must nut oils, slower than squalane) but what’s unique about CSO is two things. One, its perfect ratio of 1:1:1 of Omegas 3, 6 and 9. That’s something you really don’t come across with seed oils. What this means is that it’s equally anti-inflammatory, barrier-enriching and emollient, because one should never really have to choose just one, right? However, its the anti-inflammatory properties that specifically interest me about CSO. And two, this seed oil is very high in anti-oxidants. Rich in phyto-sterols and oil-soluble vitamins, particularly Vitamin E (Argan’s claim to fame… and between you and me, Argan is overrated. There, I said it.) it has similar antioxidants as green tea, making it perfect for a city-dwellers stressed-out skin. ⁠