Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Limnanthes alba, which sounds like a wizard name, is also known as Meadowfoam Seed oil. A small white flowering plant that grows in marshy, cool climates (hello where I live).

It is a unique oil with predominantly long-chain fatty acid profile, meaning that it's very stable against oxidative stress (plus is high in it's own antioxidants.)

Because of its natural stability, it has been a plant that North America and Europe use in sustainable farming practices, such as for producing feedstock and as a rotation crop to keep soil healthy, as well as in industrial uses, as it creates good wax and lubricant.

The plants used as a rotation crop in farms are sold to the cosmetics industry as it is one of our highly prized oils.

In skincare, Meadowfoam creates a fast-absorbing, light feeling oil similar to jojoba with amazing protective, emollient properties. It's a unique oil used across many different industries which means little goes to waste.⁠