The skincare your hair wants.

The skincare your hair wants.

As of typing this out, they're not quite ready for the website yet, but we are getting there with our new line of hair care products!

Our aim is to specialize in fine, wavy hair. (Basically my hair type!) Cleansing without stripping, conditioning without weighing down, creating body and volume without damage, and bringing out natural texture without making it all crazy and tangled or heavy and greasy. Fine wavies, you know how hard this is to find!
Creating this line has been no small feat, and has been my ongoing project since 2017!

The aim is to launch for January 2022. (At least the first 2 products...which is ALL my hair has been needing all spring/summer/ other styling products, no conditioning masks, nothing!)

The line will consist of high-quality, low-waste concentrated cleansing and conditioning products with a focus on scalp health and with special considerations for hair that doesn't like to be neither stripped-down with harsh detergents nor weighed down with a ton of oils and butters. The products will have that signature Stark attention to scent and textures, being a little fun and unexpected, with top-notch ingredients (your skin might be jealous of how good these ingredients are!)

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