Your Skincare Routine Order: Figuring it Out.

Your Skincare Routine Order: Figuring it Out.

A question I hear often is "what order should I apply my skincare in?".

Luckily, if your routine is kept relatively straight-forward it's actually very simple! (People are only becoming more stressed and concerned about these things since having a routine of 15 products has become normalized *cough cough*, looking at you, The Ordinary!)

Here are some simple rules of thumb:

After cleansing, apply from lightest texture to heaviest (eg. a mist, then an oil).  Sunscreen is always last.

It's really as simple as that!

So, in Stark terms, your morning routine could be cleanse (however you want... our Eclipse Enzymatic Cleanse + Mask, a splash of water, a nourishing balm like Aurora, whatever you crave!), followed by Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion for hydration and plumping, and/or Petrichor for a burst of antioxidants, then City Light Daytime oil with vitamin C. Topped off with your favorite SPF. (See my Instagram stories for my current favorites.) At night, it could be cleanse with Aurora, cleanse with Eclipse, Everlasting then Midnight Resiliency Boost Serum to drench your skin in gorgeous plant oils, ceramides and plant sterols.

Using something potent, with heavy actives? Always read about the products you are using to make sure there aren't any contra-indications with any other product you are using (or for example, if you are on something medicated, talk to your doctor about your routine). In these cases, less is more, especially at first. Give your skin time to adjust, and don't layer many products at first to get used to it.

It really is that simple!