your friendly neighbourhood DEPANNEUR
but on the internet (and with better stuff)

What's a Dépanneur?

Dépanneur /œʁ/.
aka the dep.
It's the French-Canadian word for a corner-store or bodega, but it comes from the verb "Dépanner"; to help out.
Here, Stark's curated Dépanneur helps you discover other indie-brands who are creating items we are obsessed with.

Amaterasu Beauty

Designed in Vancouver by makeup artist Sara Au Yeong, but crafted in Japan, these cult products are beautifully subtle yet incredibly long-wearing... even on oily skin!

Routine Deodorant & Scent

Discover why SO many formerly stinky people have been converted to a deodorant that is not only natural, but is more effective than conventional. Fun and versatile, these life-changers will second as your signature scent. Legendary.

HURRAW! Balms & Colour

This meticulous brand has incredibly rigorous standards, while creating the world's most beloved balms... and coveteable makeup pots!