HURRAW! balms

Hurraw! Balm : Vegan lip balm, cruelty-free makeup, & natural deodorant.

HURRAW! has been creating vegan, all-natural lip balm since 2010, and are a brand Stark has always found fascinating. With stringent quality control, meticulous ingredient sourcing, in-house manufacturing, regular and rigorous 3rd party testing and multiple certifications (such as Ecocert COSMOS, yearly audits from USDA National Organic Program to be certified organic as well as PETA certified cruelty-free),  they do what larger, luxe brands do (or want to do) but make their products affordable and fun to use! 

Stark's small selection of HURRAW! balms are some of our favourite, must-have items to keep in every room of the house (and pocket, and purse, and jacket, maybe in the car when it's not too hot...) 

Want us to include your top flavour? Get in touch and let me know what it is!