XXL Scruchie & co. - XXL-sized satin collection
XXL Scruchie & co. - XXL-sized satin collection

XXL Scruchie & co. - XXL-sized satin collection

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Go big or go home!

Soft, shiny and delightfully XXL, these satin scrunchies are excellent for those with thick, long hair who never seem to find a scrunchie to contain their wild mane! Satin is the standard for healthy hair accessory...it never snags, doesn't leave an indent in your ponytail and won't weaken or damage hair, so it can remain long and free forever! Protect your hair and make a statement. These are 4x the size of a regular scrunchie!

Handmade in Ontario by Tina and her team of scrunchie specialists!

Imogen - a perfectly navy vegan satin.
Juliette - a nude champagne vegan satin


•  Approximately 6” in diameter
•  Wraps approximately 2x around hair
•  Elastic approximately 6-8”

From XXL's site:
Caitlin R.
"I absolutely love these scrunchies!! I highly recommend them if you have thick hair. I have never found a scrunchie that will actually hold up all my hair until a received this one as a gift, and now I cannot stop buying them!"
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