21 Days (to the best skin of your life)


"21 Days really opened my eyes to all the different factors that affect the health of my skin and well being. Spoiler alert: it’s not all about using expensive creams. Working through this program brought up issues I was avoiding, and it helped me develop lasting mini habits that weren’t overwhelming."
-Jenn Rogers, YouTube content creator and beauty product junkie


Hi! Jess here.

So I have to tell you something. The longer I work in the skincare industry, the more aware I am of this entire LAYER of skincare that's been totally ignored. And trust me, you NEED to know this stuff!

This program is a lifestyle bootcamp unlike anything you'd expect. From day one, you will learn skills that can completely transform your life... and your skin!

No. This isn't a detox program.

It's not a diet.

This isn't about DIY masks or how to take a freakin' bath.

This isn't pedantic, fluffy crap.

It's about your mind, and the complicated, beautiful relationship it has with your skin. 

Skincare products, yes, the kind I sell in bottles and jars, are extremely useful and SO pleasurable to use...but they aren't the whole story when it comes to achieving great skin. In fact, if you're having an issue like acne, I don't even think topical products are where you should start with healing your skin. Or diet.

This course is basically my secret filing cabinet filled with the juiciest information about skin, aging and health that I've compiled over years. It's so jammed packed with information, and lessons that are so vital to good skin health. And this is stuff that won't bore you to tears...even if you know a lot about skincare!

Even if you apply just ONE of the dozens of lessons in the course, I guarantee your life will CHANGE. 

So that's why I created 21 Days. Because this information can be life-changing, and I want to share my findings and coach you through this transformative experience. 

What you get:

In the course, you will receive 14 + lessons sectioned off in 3 distinctly "themed" weeks, including journal prompts and printouts (and they are JUICY), multi-media material like a ton of videos and links to studies, weekly emails to keep you accountable, a huge compilation of really interesting, groundbreaking research being done (presented in my own way and by the researchers themselves), some really bizarre concepts in dermatology that might, quite literally, blow your mind, and more!

It's all organized and flows from concept to concept, with each having it's own section so you can take your time before moving on to the next. Each week has it's unique challenges!

Plus, I lead you through it all in a way that will TEACH you why this is so important, and how to integrate it into your life. Plus, we'll undo all the things that have stopped you from doing this until now.

All of this is delivered by text, video, bonus material and resources! It is mobile-friendly too!

You gain lifetime access to all the material...including anything new being added! Think of this as the one skincare product you'll never have to repurchase again.

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