le Dépanneur

Dépanneur /de.pa.nœʁ/.
aka the dep.
In the past decade, I've either wanted or have been asked to make many things... things that would make a lot of sense to sell alongside Stark. But I realized over time that I don't want to make more stuff ... I want to get better at creating what I already offer. There are people out there already crafting amazing makeup, healthy snacks, hair accessories, bodycare and more.  We don't lack choice and I don't want to add more. So, I chose some items for you, made by people really into their craft. Mostly by my fellow Canadian women!
So welcome to the dep... What's a dep!? Besides being a cornerstone of any French Canadian's vocabulary, it's the place we run to several times a week! From snacks to essentials, magazines, tampons, cake-mix...you need it, the Dep has it. It's our corner store, our bodega, a modern general store, a one-stop shop run by mom and pop (ou mémère 'pis pépère, peut-être?). A collection of life's little necessities. 
So, here's Stark's version. (Minus the gum, Slush Puppie and lottery tickets!)
Long-wearing eye makeup designed in Canada by makeup artist Sara Yeong, crafted in Japan.

More than (natural) deodorant... these are scent-soulmates! Made in the Canadian Rockies.

Go big or go home with the lushest hand-made scrunchies... see why these ponytail holders are breaking the internet (not hair!) Made in Ontario.

Upgrade your afternoon lattes with superfoods! Made in British Columbia.

A small selection of impeccable products by the balm masters themselves. Made in the USA.