Stark believes that every company, big or small, is responsible for lessening their environmental footprint. We believe that consistent effort today can lead to big changes tomorrow. Here is how Stark keeps sustainability at the forefront of our business:

When we can (and more and more) we choose ingredients that are "bio-waste" of other industries (food, agriculture and Canadian lumber), such as rice bran, meadowfoam, sugarcane, some berry, tree and citrus oils, etc. We choose plants based on the sustainability of their cultivation and measurable positive effects on human skin, not on their "exoticness".

Our glass bottles and jars are easy to recycle at every level: amber jars are one one of the most common, and therefore easiest, materials to recycle in most recycling facilities globally.

The PET plastic that we use is the only type of plastic that can be recycled nearly infinitely. It also has a smaller carbon footprint while shipping than glass.

 The paper and stickers we use to wrap our products has 0% virgin materials, and can be recycled (and is biodegradable).