the desert ritual

Skin types: Dry and dehydrated. Feels tight. Surface dryness present. Sensitive. Mature.

Climate: Very hot or very cold, but very little humidity! Indoor air (artificial heating and cooling). Airplane air. 

Your ritual:

Dry dry lemon dry. You may or may not live in an actual desert but whooo, is your skin ever thirsty! Whether it's Arizona or Montreal (in the winter), the air you live in is zapped of moisture, and so is your skin!

So here's your plan of (gentle, loving) attack: your skin needs and loves lots of layers of skincare, gentle cleansing and outer protection! Think of layering your skincare as you'd layer clothing: from lightest (like Everlasting Serum) to heaviest (like Aurora Balm). Build up your layers to trap in hydration (water content) under an occlusive (heavier, oily) layer.

Cleanse with Aurora, then apply Everlasting and top off with Midnight! (The V2 Midnight can be incorporated into your routine if aging skin is a concern, as it is an alternative to retinol.)

Hydrate. Moisturize. Nourish. Protect.

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