Bespoke Serum x2
Bespoke Serum x2

Bespoke Serum x2

  • plant-based formula
  • multi-purpose
  • made in Canada
Regular price$150.00

2x 30mL bottles of a custom-created formula just for you!

After a consultation and filling out a quick survey, I will create a product just for you, delivered in a hand-painted bottle (actually, in 2 hand-painted bottles!). 

The ingredients will be selected based on your skin goals, skin concerns or personal preferences. Choose from an infused-oil serum, water (floral water, juice, herbal tea etc) -based serum or gel, or an emulsion. You can also choose from a variety of weights (gel? light Oil serum? thick cream?), scented or not, and other preferences, or simply let me decide for you.
(Packaging will vary to accommodate formula.) 

As someone who had used Stark products in the past - City Recalibrating Oil, Petrichor Mist and Eclipse Cleanser I found myself using each one to the last drop. When I saw the Bespoke Experience, I thought about how effective those products were and how much I preferred them to all the other products in my skincare arsenal - and if I invested the money in skincare that was tailored for me, wouldn’t that be a better value and the best products just for me? The experience was terrific, comprehensive and indeed, tailored for me! I received speciality products created by hand for me that are made for my skin, and my skincare concerns. The cost is actually a bargain - for an intentionally crafted, natural skincare routine. Whether you are new to Stark skincare or already have your favorite products, you should definitely get the Bespoke experience - you won’t regret it.
Amy L. -Bespoke Customer 2019

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Antioxidants, at your service.

Skin takes care of itself...but it needs help.

Every Stark product is loaded with skin-strengthening antioxidants, such as berry extracts, vitamins or plant-derived concentrates, to help bolster skin against indoor pollutants, bad habits or a funky climate.

Strength in numbers
Synergistic formulas

Stark's products work well as a team! Pair products together to customize your daily routine, according to your skin's needs that day. Although each formula works well alone, as a system they really shine.

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