Essential Fatty Acids

What are essential fatty acids, and why are they good for skin?⁠ Inside and out, the body needs essential fatty acids from outside sources (we can't naturally make them). They are the "omegas" you hear about when "good fats" are discussed. ⁠

Nearly 100 years ago, studies on rats showed that a lack of EFAs resulted in abnormal skin developments, inflammation, impaired skin barrier response, sensitivity, trans-epidermal water loss (also called TEWL), decreased reproductive success, increased extrinsic signs of aging, and zero chance of rat glow. (I have a sick sense of humour, sorry haha.. but also... 100 year old rats we're talking here. Bless them. 🤪).⁠ These scientists learned that internal and external supplementation was necessary for the body to absorb the benefits of EFAs.

The dermis and the epidermis both need EFAs, and help one another receive enough of it so topical application is extremely helpful.⁠ Choosing a well-formulated facial oil is an excellent, and very easy way for your skin to reap the benefits of EFAs. Overtime, many skin issues will decrease with a constant and steady diet of the essential nutrient it requires.

City and Midnight were both formulated with cold-pressed seed oils rich in EFAs.