Blume Cacao Reishi Blend
Blume Cacao Reishi Blend
Blume Cacao Reishi Blend
Blume Cacao Reishi Blend

Blume Cacao Reishi Blend

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Know what pairs well with SAD? Sitting in the sunshine with a mug of this. -Jess

Hot chocolate that not only tastes good, but helps you feel good too. Known as the mushroom of immortality, reishi is a popular stress-soothing adaptogen that helps you fight off the blues and improve your sleep cycle. We paired this with serotonin-boosting cacao for a smooth, mystic mushroom hot chocolate you didn’t know you needed. Take a sip and find out why. (30 servings) 

☁  Reishi: Helping to chill out and reduce stress.
☁  Cacao: Contains 4 scientifically proven ‘feel-good’ molecules.
☁  Cinnamon: Rich in antioxidants.
☁  Coconut Sugar: A plant-based sweeter from Mama Earth.


Cacao Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Cocoa Powder*, Reishi Mushroom Powder*, and Cinnamon Powder*.  CONTAINS: Coconut.

All our ingredients are micro-ground for better absorption of health benefits and more versatility. Go beyond a (hot or iced) latte to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal, or your fave baked goods.

Tastes Like

It’s like you're drinking a chocolate bar, except it's good for you. Rich, smooth and nutty, with a hint of cinnamon. It’s the hot chocolate you’ve been waiting for.

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